Warner & Sons: An Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate our anniversary year with a series of special study mornings exploring the rich history of Warner & Sons. All study mornings run from 10:30am – 1pm at the Warner Textile Archive and are delivered by our Archivist, Paul Beard. The mornings include light refreshments and free on site parking. Early booking is advised due to limited spaces. £20 per person for each study morning

Date: Thursday 19th March


Benjamin Warner, Wager Charles Sillett and Charles Ramm signed an article of partnership on 20th October 1869. The following year the new company, Warner, Ramm and Sillett, began producing woven furniture silks. The succeeding company, Warner & Sons, would quickly go onto become a prestigious brand. This first study morning in our Warner & Sons Anniversary season will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand and explore their industrial and design history.

Warner & Sons: An Anniversary Study Morning